Why Are So Many Businesses Moving To The Cloud?

You may not realize it, but you are using an aspect of cloud computing right now. Trackback a bit, if you send email, edit documents using an online service, or you store your files...

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Why Cash flow Remains the Biggest Pain of SMEs.

For any business, cash is king! Cash flow is the movement of cash in and out of your business. Cash is the blood on which a business needs to survive on a daily basis. Cash flow has always been...

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4 Ways to Know a High-Growth SMEs

High growth can be achieved by any business regardless of size, age and sector. However, it’s quite a hard task for small and medium sized enterprises. This does not mean there are no SMEs...

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3 Best Practices Employed in Managing Growing Companies

One of the recognizable signs of growth in a company is expansion in worth and size. In the history of most fortune 500 companies, there was a time when there was a need to expand beyond their...

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The Importance of Bank Reconciliation

You receive bank statement every month telling you your bank account balance as at that period. You also have a record of your company’s transaction in your cash account. The process of...

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Why You Should Consider Reducing Office Paper Usage

A culture of wasteful exist in many businesses and paper usage is one of such. Your inaction towards reducing the large use of paper in your office is actually costing you more than the paper. For a...

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