High growth can be achieved by any business regardless of size, age and sector. However, it’s quite a hard task for small and medium sized enterprises. This does not mean there are no SMEs that can be distinguished to be experiencing high growth. The question should be how are they doing it, what makes them different from millions of other SMEs on the other side of the rubric?


  1. Understands the Changing Needs of Their Target Audience.

High growth SMEs are built on solving a problem rather than targeting a need to their audience. This is why these SMEs are always ready to spend a good section of their profit in in depth research on how can they better help solve the pain for their target audience and market.


  1. Streamlined, Specialized and Focused.

To be a high-growth SME, you need to quit the jack of all trade approach to business. High-growth SMEs are only interested in a certain segment of their market which they can dominate.


  1. Investing Heavily in Marketing

There’s always a market to dominate and a competitor to displace. High growth SMEs are interested in spreading their tentacles to new markets. Which is why their marketing budget is always on the rise every year.


  1. Innovative and Embracing Changes

High growth SMEs are never static, they are always interested in innovations that could change the way they operate.


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