A culture of wasteful exist in many businesses and paper usage is one of such. Your inaction towards reducing the large use of paper in your office is actually costing you more than the paper. For a $5 ream of paper, you’ll cough out more than $100 for storage, postage, disposal, copying and security.


With this direct and indirect cost associated with your reliance on paper usage, it will be proper to consider options that allows you carry out your business with reduced paper in the short run and a paperless business in the long run. Running a paperless business isn’t a factor of cost alone, but a chain of other reasons.


Time is one of the most important resources available to every business and you don’t have a luxury of it. Going paperless help to cut out the time involved in storage, retrieval from files and cabinet.


Going paperless isn’t a difficult move if you are able to consider the following options;


  1. Make use of email communication rather than communication through files.
  1. Back up your business information electronically. This is even more secure and safer, free from fire and other weather elements e.g. Google Drive.
  1. Move toward cashless and electronic payment system, this will eliminate the need for receipts e.g. SCB Business Net.
  1. Employ technology such as cloud computing to automate your document processes.


NESTED ERP promotes reducing paper usage through on cloud workflow approval system and document flow automation. Documents can be submitted for approval and to be approved online without requiring printouts and approved purchase order will be sent to supplier through email automatically.